Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 22, 2011

Of Your Kindness

These things sometimes just wash over a person.  But, once in a while, they strike home.  The fellow who died you knew.  The baby who was injured was the child of the people next door.  The city destroyed was the place where you grew up.  Or perhaps it is merely the way in which it happened, or the time of day you learned of it; upon awakening, while preoccupied with something else and totally unprepared for the “bad” news.

It hits you and knocks you off balance.  You literally stagger back and grab for something to keep you from falling.  You FEEL it like a punch. And, like a punch, after the shock goes and you regain your balance, you still feel soreness.  You still feel the pain.  And you are on your guard at least for a while against another blow

I just learned that there was another massive earth quake in New Zealand, and that nearly 100 people were killed.  We have friends there.  My immediate prayers were for their safety as I passed from the headline to the story, thanking God when I read the center of the quake was in Christchurch far from where my friends live; at least so far as I know.  But what of their families?  What of their loves?

New Zealand is a small nation.There are probably fewer people living there than live in a city like Philadelphia.  Our friends, if they do not know any of the dead, will undoubtedly know people who do, and will undoubtedly know people whose lives have been shaken and cracked even more than the land and the buildings in Christchurch, a lovely name for a lovely city I hope one day to see.  I must pray for them, too.  If I am shocked and hurt, I can only imagine how they must feel.

I must pray for all of the people of that small place, another “little bit of heaven that fell from out the sky one day/ and nestled in the ocean in a spot so far away”.  I beg the favor of your kind thoughts and prayers from Alys and Terry, their families and all their loves, for all of the people of that lovely smiling place.


  1. We will definitely be praying for them. Let us know when you hear any word. Sr. Dorcee

    • Thank you, Sister.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts, and your prayers. There are still hundreds unaccounted for, hundreds trapped in fallen buildings. It is a horrendous scene, and the quakes are ongoing. The sad toll is mounting by the hour.

    Two symbols speak out.
    Christchurch’s two most beautiful cathedrals have not been spared, with their towers and spires toppled. The Catholic cathedral lost both of its twin dome-capped towers.

    • You are welcome, Terry. More than prayers I cannot give, but would if I could. God bless you all, and keep you.


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