Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 10, 2011

The Fire In The Snow

St. Serafim of Sarov



White moss on all the trees
White on all the bushes, too
On the roof and on the eaves
The shriveled rhododendron leaves
But I know the moss is only snow
And cannot stay so long.

Time is like the white moss
Which is here and then lost
And, like the “moss” upon the trees,
Falling through galaxies
Clinging to the rings of worlds
Cannot stay so long
Though it does seem so.
Time will go;
Time and leaf and moss and snow
It does seem so

Do they listen for the call
Of the silent One among
Them each and through them all?
They will hear it when it comes
Draped in night’s vast last pall.
The fire in the snow sets free
And time’s reborn eternity.


  1. Wow, Peter. Just … Wow –

  2. calls to mind thhe scripture passage: “In your light we see light itself.”

    • Thank you, Kathy. Being able to remind someone of the Word of God is a compliment indeed.


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