Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 27, 2010

After the Birth of the Little Child


After the Birth of the Little Child
Came Shepherds from the Hills
Down from stormy heights and wild
Through Alpine meadows, frigid rills
Of living water more than ever
On the Infant’s blessed night,
Witnessing in awe and wonder,
Incomprehensibly, the sight,
Of God made Man in Manger Bed
Sleeping innocent and aware
With rugged beasts at feet and head
Dumbly playing courtiers.

Shepherds left their herds and ran
To see this marvel Angels sang.
Nor wolf, nor lion worried them
While carillons in heaven rang.
And speeding down the mountain’s sides
Beheld in Holy Mother’s arms
The resting babe, the Father’s pride
Come to save from Satan’s harm.

What went through the minds of men
Who only hours since had slept
In rugged copse and sheltered glen
Now saw their God and seeing wept?
Do we wonder how they spent the night
Among their flocks back in the hills
Until by dawn’s new paler light
They led them to the dancing rills

In silence pointing to the place
Where they had seen God face to face?

December 6, 2006


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