Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 25, 2010

Christmas Rain

“The clouds shall rain the Light Immortal,
And earth will soon bud forth the Just.”

I think it rained the night that Christ was born

Dark clouds covering all the sky.

While on the slopes outside the sleeping town

Shepherds waited for the storm to pass them by.


The rain had fallen steadily all day long

Upon the walls and roofs and streets of Bethlehem,

On the two so tired and so worn

And on the patient ass that carried them.


This was no rain like that upon the Ark

Covering everyone who was on Earth.

These blessed showers fell to provide the spark

Igniting the fire of God’s own birth.


These waters from heaven high fell down that night

In sheets and waves of purifying love;

A shimmering cascade of liquid light

A majestic star filled river from above.


An instant or a thousand years I cannot say.

A world fell, universe, what difference

When heaven’s Lord has stooped to show the way

These things no longer matter or make sense.


I think it rained the night that Christ was born

A fiery storm of faith and hope and love.

God the Father, when the storm was over,

Beheld in manger bare His new born Son.



  1. Good morning, Dad. What a lovely thought to wake up to. Merry Christmas!


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