Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 24, 2010

Advent V

The final poem in a series of Advent Poems:

To rest, to wait for light


Walking East the old man sees the desert
Ending not far ahead.  He’s walked in darkness
How long?  All his life comes the wry answer.
Some times it seems like that walking, and yet

Dawn breaks above the hills, light lends steps life
And green hope arises where black shadow
Had been heavy on the fellow.  Dark strife
Had long gripped him that hard, nor let him go.

“I have eaten dust so long it seems bread
To me.  I’ll be happy to ease my thirst
Beneath a tree, wash my poor head
Free of this fine grit.  Nothing could be worse

Than wandering as I’ve been all alone
Out there, forever it seems, uncertain
Sand beneath my feet, black and silent stone
My only company, sky a curtain

Of pale blue emptiness day after day.”
Soon the first hard grasses appear, gray, stiff.
These no mirage, no lie to spread dismay
Through temptation, then failure, then vanish.

“Simple grass is true.  I’ll depend on it
Now all that lures and leaves have flown from me,”
Old man thought, looking for that place to sit
Beneath a shady limb the quiet light to greet.

December 21, 2005


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