Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 23, 2010

Advent IV


If rain has fallen all day and night
What is that for you on the way
Bathed in the richness of the weather.
Does not the child within you swim in light?
Wrap your fingers in the coarse hair
Of the donkey’s mane
And ignore the pain.
Each next step is a mystery.
This is all you know:

On the back of a humble beast you have been sent
To bring light to the world while mist closes
The horizon to your small mount’s bobbing head.
Silently you will arrive to silence
Among the innocent and dumb.

A strong wind, a howling,
Blows sheets of rain
Tears the veil of mist.
The man walking with you
Always at your side,
The beast you ride
Witness eternity’s
Rushing into time.

Who can understand this?
Who is ready to see it happen?
Yet it will happen
With the suddenness of pains
Overtaking a woman in labor.

December 5, 2005


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