Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 22, 2010

Advent III

Advent III

Evening settles into the trees
Diminishing distance. Along the street
Up and down lights go on.
Circles of a private gold
Pale and wan
Form on snow three days old.

Clouds came down to earth today.
Thick mists slipping by,
Standing still, idling in branches,
Grey to black solidify.

Three like figures move at once.
(A trick or something really there?)
Between closed and quiet homes
Persons move…or simply air?

Then one from three is only left.
Where are the other two now gone?
Who walks into pools of gold?
Who knocks? Who waits? Who moves on

From place to place before the wind,
Lingering in the golden light?
Is that a cloud or Someone
Seeking shelter in thickening night?

November 28, 2005


Another bit from another Advent.


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