Posted by: Peadar Ban | November 24, 2010

Little Man

(For A Veteran) 

Little man where do you go?
You walk no longer on your own
But with your memories and cane.
Sweet grand daughter holds your hand.

Little man where do you go?
You fought with men upon the sea,
Bled with them upon the land
And watched them fall from sky above
But now you sit and smile and love.

Little man where do you go
To wait for her to take your hand
Little man, little man?
She cannot come who held you sixty years.
She has gone ahead
Joining all whom we call dead.
Smile then little man,
Smile and wait upon the bench.

Your grand daughter will step aside
And she who once a day was bride
Will take you soon and guide
You home, and guide you home
Little man whom I have known.


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