Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 7, 2010

Let The Chips Fall…

It’s time for a news roundup…sort of.  Call it that, or call it a look at a few of the things off that great cliff, that wall just there blocking the view…

I don’t know about you.  But I long ago grew tired of being treated to a twice daily round of the latest fires, hateful demonstrations and bloviations from the boys and girls who front the Six and Eleven programs.  I left them and briefly tried the Screamers, Taunters and Thumpers on those Other Places, the niches on the cliff of information piling ever higher trying to get us to grab on and pay attention, please, to the way they’re pointing to climb.

Most of what all of them have to tell us isn’t true anyway.

So a few years ago I simply stopped tuning in, or picking up and reading.  Well I did the latter long before that, having become convinced that nothing in print is worth the paper, etc.  What I do now is wander around, so to speak, looking up, down and around; stopping for a while to take in some scrap of information, some chip off the block, or chunk fallen from that cliff, listening to the faint echoes of those screamers and catching the harsh clang of the sirens in the distant sounded constantly each evening and night from the four sources of ALL TRUTH worth thinking about; the weather, ball scores and what shoes to wear.

Here are links to several stories which you will never hear about from any “normal” source of information.  They speak a different and quieter truth at a person, and do not fit into the kind of evening which segues into American idol, Desperate Housewives or True Blood; they might lend oneself to a moment’s thought and a whispered prayer, but what do I know.

The first is about stuff in the Middle East, and some folks probably won’t like it:

The second is about stuff in, well everywhere, and some folks probably won’t like it, either:

The third is something you have to read. And, some folks may not like that.  Sorry.

While I was away with the grand children a few weeks ago I wandered across an advertisement on the tube for some body building plan.  The ad, an infomercial (lovely term that, it could be applied to everything on CNN, MSNBC, the Nets and the major papers) showed a bunch of smiling, good looking and well built people exercising like mad, and swearing that in only 90 Days! anyone who tried this plan would be transfigured.  I chose that last word carefully.

I don’t have a link to that ad.  It’s old news, anyway.  You look good for a while, slabs appear where flabs once hung.  You may even consider yourself a candidate for some skin art.  God forbid, you may even do it…and, then…

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the fellow who got me started today on this little hunt for the interesting bits fallen off the cliff of information that I’ve stumbled on above.  He’s a blog owner who runs something called Brutally Honest; I know nothing more about him than that.  But, I like that name for the simple reason that it is connected to the ladies I married.  Sheila, of blessed memory, and Mariellen who warms my heart every day are both brutally and ruthlessly honest…to use the terms they each applied to themselves.  Maybe, if Ruthlessly Honest isn’t taken, I’ll do it.


  1. Might it not be more effective to take a step back and examine the phenomenon as a whole?
    Where did these commentators come from?
    Why are they interchangeable?
    Why do so many sound like high students who have just learned some “dirty words” [snicker snicker]?
    Why are they so badly mannered?
    Why do they think in cliches?

    • Hello Gabriel,

      As an exercise, perhaps, but to what good end? I do not think a change will be effected. The combination seems to satisfy the audience and for that reason those who seem to matter the most: the sponsors.


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