Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 23, 2010

On Passing A Fallen Tree (Rev.: 1, 9)

Some great being there you lie.
Fallen, have you, out of the sky
An angel gone just once astray;
Original a star of heaven and today
A heavy weight upon the world
Neither winged nor armed, nor heart, nor head
Stretched out, lonely, dead?
Is this your fate Being of Light
Who chose against God’s your self-sown right?

There you lie

Being, eaten humble by moss,
Now only low worm home, did you once
Fly straight across the universe?
Now motionless, your traverse
Sinking slowly into the mouth of earth.
Your song stopped, your progress
Only falling silent into nothingness.

And when in final darkness
All you had in glory been
Is obliterated, here forgotten
And ages upon ages pass
Will there be a memory
Of you in Love’s heart
From whom your purpose to part
And your lightning fall
To hell?


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