Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 25, 2010


He moved slowly down the center aisle
An old rusty barge on some silted up canal.
He took short rickety near to last steps.
Soon he will draw his last breath,
Barely fill his lungs and end in a sigh.
Empty then, waiting over, wondering work done
We will see the end and he will have begun.

Rocky from the weight of Christ carried in his hands
The whole of God and all of God’s demands
He seemed about to fall.
Confused he staggered and put out
Unsteady one bruised old hand
Brought the other to his mouth
And ate the bread of life.
Outside the sun, unaware,
As if only it were there,
Obeyed the natural law
Continuing across the sky; but I saw
Light brighter than the sun
More natural, while bells were rung
In the nave of heaven, burst from him
And fire bright beams across eternity.
Then he,  just himself again,
He continued walking unsteadily.


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