Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 24, 2009

Ero Cras, An Advent Poem

Ero Cras, An Advent Poem

The antiphons are first to recognize the change
In time; the preparations which have been made.
Now is the beginning! Now is the end!
From height beyond height one descends
Who from time before time has been sent
Carrying swift as light, strong as wind
The message which will go out to all the world.
From incandescence into darkness hurled
He comes!  Yes, the death defeating Word
Appears among us a helpless child
Whose first cry sounds death’s threnody;
Unexpected absurdity and shocking remedy.

This is the Victor promised past
Whose mighty voice is heard, “Ero Cras!”


  1. wow thats was great! nice poem

    • Thank you.

  2. One of your best, Peter! I especially like the opening: the antiphons are the first to notice the change! Blessed Christmas to you and to Mariellen!


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