Posted by: Peadar Ban | November 29, 2009

Dancing In The Afternoon


Is it in Haiti or in the Darfur
where the living most envy the dead;
While somewhere north of Nowhere
they gather and connect,
Prime Ministers and Presidents,
actors and actresses,
To consider whether or not it is wise
based on the evidence of our best scientists
to allow us to continue, lest this become very soon
a place one would wish it had not;
And what shall be done,
now that we are certain,
at all about that?

Is it in the greenest valley or on
snow swept highest peak
where these wanderers and these seekers
may most profitably seek;
While still on the broad avenues of commerce,
or within the tapestry and portrait hung halls
The mighty and the merry begin dancing in the afternoon?

Outside the sun sets red in the dying West
As chandeliers of a thousand candles are inside lit.
The guests, Presidents and Princesses,
Madonnas and their cameras, smiling stand
For one last photograph before the conductor’s hand,
Raised since time long ago began,
For the introductory chord descends.

Then may they all… the waterless and the well fed…
Hand in hand with the well rested happy dead
In time and time and time around the room
Complete their dancing in the afternoon.



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