Posted by: Peadar Ban | October 10, 2009


I will sit in the morning sunshine
And drink hot black tea.
I will sit and read translations
Of German poetry;
All the great prophets of Romance
Goethe, Schiller, Heine.
I have heard them set to music,
Listened now for years and have seen
“The moon lying on the clouds
Stretched on the harsh gray sea.”

“Shall we go out and pray?”
A gentle question is put softly to me
Gentle as a mist rising from the warming sea.

We sit in choir on a little height.
We sit on mere planks, more descending
To the pebbled sand, quiet water,
Spread below receiving day’s first light,
Open books and begin.

A Mantle of Brilliance on the Surface of the Sea

A Mantle of Brilliance on the Surface of the Sea

“O, Lord, open my lips,”
From the line between earth and heaven
“And my mouth will declare your praise.”
To the salt sprayed sand below
“As it was before,”
Light has thrown a mantle of brilliance
“So now,”
On the surface of the sea
“And evermore.”
Flashing like snow on Mount Zalmon.
“Glory to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost.”
This living light washes over me.

We obey the cadence of the day
Continue with each strophe, each song,
Followed by a breath, break, sigh,
Selah at once assent and good bye.
Just so long we linger, living in between
The beautiful music continuing
While the mantle off the mountain lifts,
And snow melts on the surface of the sea,
And the moon when it appears
Is a thing of glory, not of tears.


  1. contented sigh

    • Thank you RG. It really happened.

  2. Beautiful, calming thoughts. Great imagery! I feel one with the universe–also love the photo of the sea.

    • Thank you, Claire. Glad you liked the photo. I wondered whether my little camera would be able to take the picture.

  3. Another contented sigh as I pack up and head off to work – reluctantly, I might add! Thanks, Peter.

    • You are very welcome, Ruthmary.


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