Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 27, 2009

The Palace of Meekness

In the Palace of Meekness light
Consumes the darkness of fear.
Silence sings that one is always there
Clarity discloses simplicity of right.

Columns graced, substanced as of air
Unseen, of that regardless,
Supporting, solid, there
Uphold domed wisdom’s stress
On jeweled truth’s foundation
Bearing strong virtue’s walls.
Windows of contained elation,
Convey bright beams of love’s thralls.

No enemy may enter to destroy
Nor threat weaken nor storm bear way.
While Meekness simply stands, joy
And hope joined defeat darkest day.


  1. i see the poem as a paean to the structure of a church,which enduringly stands because of lack of human pride.meekness is a recognition that something more than human hands made and blessed this place,thus making it a palace suggesting and embodying eternity.our eternal life rests on constant meekness of spirit in the eternal ebb and flow of human “progress.”jfm

    • That is one way of looking at it, to be sure, and one I hadn’t thought of. Thank you.

  2. I imagined the Sistine Chapel while reading it. Strong ode to meekness.

  3. Thank you, Vic. Amazing what the mind can do. The Sistine Chapel, no less. Glad to have helped you get there.


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