Posted by: Peadar Ban | July 9, 2009

I Know The Truth

(This is a revision of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago. It appeared (appears) on the Catholic Exchange website)

Soon I will pass and go
Through the door now closed.
Open then, I will take the path
See the blossoms fading
Breath the scent of beauty waning.
At the road’s edge I’ll stand
Look back and wave my hand
Once, or twice, perhaps, and smile.
Do not think I will be gone awhile.

Soon you will forget I once
Was where you stand and watch
And stood myself and heard the latch
Close final as the thick crunch
Of lion’s teeth on sweet doe’s neck
And feel the shiver of the wind
That cuts each time we suffer life’s end,
Our heart’s winter, cold victory of death
When eyes close and doors and sighs and breath.

But I know the truth and will at long road’s end
Wait to see you. Look ahead. Raise your hand.


  1. I enjoyed the twist: victory in death. Thank you for sharing.

    • You are quite welcome, Vic. But there isn’t a twist way I look at it.

      O death where is thy sting
      Death where is thy victory?

      For a bit more than 20 centuries, now, there has been no victory for death.

  2. Depends on how you mean that. Metaphysically, I hope you’re wrong. I’d hate to think that this fat, hairy capsule is all I’m to work with a short speck in eternity.

  3. Hello Vic,

    Well, I guess I mean it exactly as I put it; or rather as St. Paul put it. As to the specifics, I will leave that to the responsible Authority. I am content.

    Metaphysical Regards,

  4. May it be for you as you say.
    That bit about the latch, crunching and lion’s teeth was quite excellent I think….for some, the closing of the latch and crunching seems to take way, way too long, not just an instant….I have some fear of that….

  5. No rebuttal, just lovely…


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