Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 23, 2009

Three Very Short Poems

Coming around the corner just now, down the street from here
Summer took a sudden turn to somewhere else I fear

Sunrise pours light invisible down the hall
Splashing golden window shapes on the wall

Rhododendron leaves without shriveling wind
Beautifully open in morning innocence


  1. celebrate Spring…Amen

  2. I love these, especially “Oops.” I read it and laughed, that quick sudden laugh that so often comes when a simple statement carries with it both a surface fact and a deeper truth that makes light of what one may consider a disastrous event.

    While not knowing exatly what triggered this little jewel (though I admit being curious as to that), what entered into my mind was that sense of stepping out expecting that new summer warmth sinking into old, cold bones, only to find the clouds have once again crept in bringing more damp chill.

    But, oh, that title; that little “oops”, guess not, or not just yet, that’s where the laugh comes. For an oops is easily remedied. It’s not an “Oh, Dear.” Summer warmth may be delayed, but it will come. Life has it’s clouds, but the sun still shines even though unseen.

    Life has it’s clouds that suddenly appear right when you think everything is about to become sunny; but it’s just an “oops.”


  3. I’ve never told you how much I enjoy these three very short poems. They’re fresh, delicious, and right now on a cold, wet Friday night, a bit like news of the second coming.. as Kjm said, Life has its clouds right when you expect sunshine but that’s just a glimpse of how the other half lives

    • Hello Alys,

      Who was it, Martial, who wrote all of those short things back in the day, as they say? The next one of them I read will probably my first, unless memory fails…and it often does. What memory? Anyway, thank you, Dear Alys. Your delight delights me.



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