Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 18, 2009

Spinning Invisibility

The double spiral strand that spins our lives
Would stretch they say
Halfway to the moon
And back again but is content to stay
Wrapped inside a chromosome
(Though paired precisely with another one
Far longer and more complicate);
A thing repeated of molecules,
Itself one molecule, a miracle
Simply natural. Incredible
All that information tinily compressed
And uniquely expressed as you or me;
A single spot, a single leaf
Upon the human family tree
Here a tooth, a twinkling eye,
The smile your mother had
And there your father’s tendency
To go ballistic when he was mad,

Containing all the small beginnings
Black and white pioneerings
In soups and stews of early days
Tropic hot and shallow seas and bays
Lightning sparked and thunder shook,
And on and on and on again
Higher passing the same spot. Planned
Or unplanned the argument,
(Oh, how could wonder and complexity
Such as this ever unplanned be?)
But, nevertheless, overall
Progress and answer to a call.
The whole thing a pilgrim’s walk
Punctuated with the one big fall
And all the other little ones
Until the walk and life is done.

Is done and not yet done,
Because when the path taken
Is at an end and gone
One more step awaits
Everyone, and hesitate
Is beyond our mere ability.
Inevitable our flight.
The spiral goes on and on
Spinning invisibility.
Turning into light.


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